About us

Pajarito Trading is a company that offers grains, cereals, oilseeds, and their byproducts, both organic and of conventional quality, to the international and domestic markets. Our products are from Argentine fields and are used for both human and animal consumption.

Besides, Pajarito Trading offers to his customers export logistic services including forwarding, customs, product load and follow-up from different Argentine ports, linking Argentine companies and producers to the international market

Our 25 years of knowledge and expertise allow us to analyse the logistic needs of our customers and implement integral solutions to meet them. We create with our customers long-term alliances that allow us to get quickly adapted to their requirements as they adapt to a constantly changing market.

Our distinctive feature is that we provide products and services based on the best international practices adapting them to the local operating environment.

Patricia Sassaroli was a partner and a member of the executive committee of CAPOC (Argentine Chamber of Certified Organic Producers).

Patricia Sassaroli started his career in Foreign Trade in 1978, working for her family’s company and for third-parties. She started her business with conventional products such as confectionery peanut, and later expanded it incorporating cereals in general. For the last ten years she has been working in organic agriculture. Her activity is not only a business project but also a lifestyle, since she is a passionate defender of ecology, she consumes organic products and she supports environmental organisations.

When working for MAPO (Argentine Movement for Organic Production) she got important benefits for the Argentine production and exports sectors, such as the reduction of tariffs, the creation of groups of exporters and the reorganisation of Foreign Trade area, among other achievements